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Show-Rite® Show Feeds, a brand found within the Hubbard Feeds Inc. umbrella, provides nutrition programs to help improve the health, performance and well-being of your animals, and to make your life easier. Show-Rite® Show Feeds are comprised of premium show feeds for cattle, pigs, sheep, goats and rabbits and are formulated for the breeder and exhibitor who wants their show animals to perform their very best. These feeds are designed using the latest technology and the best team in the business. Our team is passionate about your animals and your experience. Show-Rite® Show Feeds has made winning a habit. We are dedicated to not only providing great nutritional products to help you in the ring, but offer our expert knowledge to you as a service that comes with being a customer.

News &events


Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo

The Fort Worth Stock Show has kicked off and Show-Rite will have representatives at the Boer Goat Show. Kevin Mock will be on hand to stroll the the barn and answer questions for breeders, as well as discuss about the NEW Relaxlyx Tub. Also somewhere on the grounds, in a corner or under a tree be sure to locate Show-Rite influential, Mr. Lary Duncan. Obviously, if you have any questions regarding Show-Rite Goat Feeds and how they preform these two guys can handle it!

Good Luck and Safe Travels!

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