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This time of the year barns are filling up fast with new projects. Prior to bringing your new project home, make certain that you ask the seller what kind of feed the animal has been on. To transition to Show-Rite Feeds we recommend the following method for all species.

No matter what size of animal we are talking about, transitioning from one feed to another works best if done over a series of days. For example, we suggest doing feed changes over a period of 7 days. Start by mixing 3/4 of current ration to 1/4 of new feed, then on day 3 mix feed at a 50:50 ratio. Finally on day 5 you can go 3?4 of new feed to 1?4 of old ration and concluding on day 7 be on your next step or new ration.

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Ryan Sites of Tuttle, OK is Sales Account Manager for Show-Rite® Show Feeds, covering the states of Oklahoma, Colorado, Wyoming and Missouri. Ryan facilitates many feed, fitting and showmanship clinics though out the United States and particularly enjoys working with young people. 
A graduate of Oklahoma State University, Ryan was a member of the livestock judging team and studied Agriculture Education. He taught in Elgin, OK for 9 years before leaving to join the Show-Rite® Feeds sales force in 2006. Ryan has judged many local, county, state and national shows. He has been involved in the swine industry for many years, raising Chester Whites with his family. Currently, Sites Livestock produces crossbred show pigs and is operated by Ryan, his wife, Wendy and son, Rhett.

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2 thoughts on “Transitioning Feeds

  1. Recently purchased Muscle and Motion for one of the pigs purchased for August 12th Fair. Pig is a fast grower, has been on 40-90 and will be using 17-5 going forward. Looks like the only muscling needed is in the hindquarters. I’m concerned about this pigs weight and wonder if the muscle and motion is going to boost weight too much??? This pig has great cover. Because I am the breeder and want to guide the buyer of the pig correctly could you advise. Pig needs to be weighed but owner will not be weighing until after Memorial Weekend. Pig is on free feed right now. I am concerned about his weight and staying fresh looking for Fair. Thank you, Carol

    1. Muscle in Motion will give you extra shape and expression. However, you will get some extra weight gain. I would suggest transitioning to the 17.5 finisher for awhile until you can get a weight. The better product for ham muscle is Muscle Maker, but you will see weight gain with it also.

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