Rite Time To Make Memories …Focus on Family

County fair season is upon us, and state fair season is just around the corner. Doing the right things at the right time is what we have been focusing on all year. This Timely Topic will be on focusing on what 4-H and FFA livestock projects are supposed to be about.

The purpose of 4-H and FFA livestock projects are to teach work ethic, teach responsibility, and create an environment for families to spend time together, bond and make the family unit stronger. Winning isn’t everything and we need to keep this in mind when exhibiting at jackpots, county fairs, and state fairs. The idea behind 4-H and FFA wasn’t all about banners and trophies. While the ultimate goal is to win, we all know that there can only be one winner of the banner or trophy.

The biggest winners in 4-H and FFA are the families that build stronger family units, work together, win together, lose together and ultimately have an enjoyable experience at home and at the fairgrounds.

After spending Father’s Day at a jackpot show in Lawerenceville, Illinois; I saw what livestock shows are all about. It was spending time with mom and dad, brother and sister, and then showing livestock. These families were bonded by one goal, having a good time with their own families and friends and at the same time competing with their eye on the prize. I saw kids giving their mom and dad hugs, I saw smiles and tears shed for winning and losing. But most of all, I saw families bonding by showing livestock. That is what showing livestock as 4-H and FFA projects is about.

Doing the right thing and the right time makes for an enjoyable experience. Make your show season this summer the BEST summer ever. Keep your eye on the prize, but at the same time focus on what 4-H and FFA projects are all about and that is FAMILY!