Transitioning Feeds

This time of the year barns are filling up fast with new projects. Prior to bringing your new project home, make certain that you ask the seller what kind of feed the animal has been on. To transition to Show-Rite Feeds we recommend the following method for all species.

No matter what size of animal we are talking about, transitioning from one feed to another works best if done over a series of days. For example, we suggest doing feed changes over a period of 7 days. Start by mixing 3/4 of current ration to 1/4 of new feed, then on day 3 mix feed at a 50:50 ratio. Finally on day 5 you can go 3?4 of new feed to 1?4 of old ration and concluding on day 7 be on your next step or new ration.

Holstien Dairy Calves : More Muscle

Q: My kids show holstein starter calves. We feed Show-Rite from the time they are weaned until show time at full feed, target size is 550lbs. Do you have any suggestions for adding more muscle. We usually rate toward the top end of the weight category, but are usually beaten out by a more heavy muscled group of calves. Any suggestions, Thanks for your help.

A: We suggest feeding
2 to 3 lbs. of MNM along with regular diet, increased protein equals increased muscle, for extra bulk add flaked corn.

How Does Refresh Work?

Q: How does Refresh work? Should I feed it year round or just before the show?

A: Refresh is a high energy electrolyte that adds optimal fill and bloom prior to show time. After you purchase your animal at a young age and long transportation is required, Refresh is a great tool to keep them hydrated until you have reached your final destination and they are on full fresh water again. When getting close to show time (14 days prior to show) Refresh can be used as a top dress. At the show, offer Refresh in the water as you hydrate or maximum fill is reached.


We all talk about trying to fit the ideal weight when we get to our target show. The best way to achieve this goal is to track the weight gain of our show pig during the growing stages. I recommend weighing every two weeks until we reach the last 60 days till your target show, then weigh every week. This will allow you to get an average daily gain for your project and can adjust growth so  you are not too big or too small at the show.