Hogs: Gaining Weight

Q: Hi I need help with trying to find something for a 44lb pig that needs to start gaining more weight. She is currently on free feed and has plenty of water and I am currently feeding her Show-Rite 40/90. Any ideas on how I can help her start gaining? Thank you

A: At the 44 lb weight I would suggest adding 50MG back to her diet. That should get some extra gain and then you can transition back to 40-90. I would mix 50MG and 40-90 at a 50/50 ratio then once she gets to 80 pounds move to full 40-90.


We all talk about trying to fit the ideal weight when we get to our target show. The best way to achieve this goal is to track the weight gain of our show pig during the growing stages. I recommend weighing every two weeks until we reach the last 60 days till your target show, then weigh every week. This will allow you to get an average daily gain for your project and can adjust growth so  you are not too big or too small at the show.