Hogs: Gaining Weight

Q: Hi I need help with trying to find something for a 44lb pig that needs to start gaining more weight. She is currently on free feed and has plenty of water and I am currently feeding her Show-Rite 40/90. Any ideas on how I can help her start gaining? Thank you

A: At the 44 lb weight I would suggest adding 50MG back to her diet. That should get some extra gain and then you can transition back to 40-90. I would mix 50MG and 40-90 at a 50/50 ratio then once she gets to 80 pounds move to full 40-90.

Rite-Factor for Goats

Q:  Our goat show is in 22 days is it to late to start rite factor? I have 3 goats weights are 88, 61, 60
How much should I give them? I also am feeding advancer 2 pounds a day

A:  No It’s not to late. You should begin seeing noticeable results in 7-8 days. If they’re well conditioned (fat) give 3/4 scoop twice a day. If they’re about ready give 1/2 scoop twice a day. Please feel free to call or text any time 512-787-2948, Kevin Mock

Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo

The Fort Worth Stock Show has kicked off and Show-Rite will have representatives at the Boer Goat Show. Kevin Mock will be on hand to stroll the the barn and answer questions for breeders, as well as discuss about the NEW Relaxlyx Tub. Also somewhere on the grounds, in a corner or under a tree be sure to locate Show-Rite influential, Mr. Lary Duncan. Obviously, if you have any questions regarding Show-Rite Goat Feeds and how they preform these two guys can handle it!

Good Luck and Safe Travels!

National Western Stock Show

The National Western Stock Show is rich with history consisting of some of the worlds greatest livestock, rodeo, and equine. For years people have been coming to Denver, Colorado to experience and take part in the 16-day show. This year Show-Rite is excited and proud to be involved with such a historic event as a sponsor of the 2015 National Western Stock Show. Although NWSS started on January 8th, the Show-Rite team arrived for the livestock activities on Monday the 13th. They started the trip off with a bang at the educational clinic for goats which was presented by Kevin Mock. We are excited to say that the Grand Champion wether was Show-Rite customer, Aspen Martin from Texas and customer Morgan Craig from Oklahoma also had the Division 1 Champion.
With that said, the goat show and clinic is in the books and was a great success! The team is staying busy by visiting with clients and attending events such as the Bases Loaded Angus Sale and Angus in The Mountain, as well as watching the shows. We also had a blast hosting a customer appreciation lunch at the pens of Running Creek Ranch. It has been so fun to socialize and support our customers and clients!
The Show-Rite team is looking forward to whatever the rest of NWSS may bring. If you are also in Denver we hope that you will find one of our representatives to chat, and attend the other educational clinics going on throughout the week:
Sheep: Saturday, Jan 17, 2:00pm
Swine: Monday, Jan 19, 6:00pm
Cattle: Tuesday, Jan 20, 6:00pm

Aspen Martin : Champion Wether
Morgan Craig : Division 1 Champion
Todd Kennedy : visiting with customers
Kevin Mock : visiting with customers

Kevin Mock : educational goat clinic