How Does Rite-Factor® Work?

Q: I’ve seen success on your website from pigs being fed Rite Factor. How does it work exactly and when should it be fed?

A: Feed the recommended 4 ounces a day the last 45 days until your target show. You will see a bloom and freshness difference as well as a more rapid metabolism that enhances any other additives that you are using.

How Does Refresh Work?

Q: How does Refresh work? Should I feed it year round or just before the show?

A: Refresh is a high energy electrolyte that adds optimal fill and bloom prior to show time. After you purchase your animal at a young age and long transportation is required, Refresh is a great tool to keep them hydrated until you have reached your final destination and they are on full fresh water again. When getting close to show time (14 days prior to show) Refresh can be used as a top dress. At the show, offer Refresh in the water as you hydrate or maximum fill is reached.

Show-Rite® Sponsors National Western Stock Show

For the second year, Show-Rite Feeds is proud to sponsor the youth livestock shows at the National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colo. We will be hosting four educational clinics geared towards goat, sheep, cattle and hog showman. Show-Rite values the opportunities that the National Western offers to youth livestock participants and looks forward to another tremendous event.

Oklahoma FFA Contests

Show-Rite will be offering several events prior to Oklahoma FFA Convention for participants to practice and freshen up on knowledge. These events are open to all FFA Chapters across the state of Oklahoma. They will all begin at 6:00 PM sharp, with registration beginning at 5:30 PM. Prizes awarded to the top 5 in each contest, teacher appreciation points awarded to all chapters who attend!

October 7 – FFA Quiz Contest – Dibble High School

October 8 – FFA Quiz Contest – Cushing High School

October 9 – FFA Opening Ceremonies Contest – Bristow and Elgin High School