Rite-Factor for Goats

Q:  Our goat show is in 22 days is it to late to start rite factor? I have 3 goats weights are 88, 61, 60
How much should I give them? I also am feeding advancer 2 pounds a day

A:  No It’s not to late. You should begin seeing noticeable results in 7-8 days. If they’re well conditioned (fat) give 3/4 scoop twice a day. If they’re about ready give 1/2 scoop twice a day. Please feel free to call or text any time 512-787-2948, Kevin Mock

2 thoughts on “Rite-Factor for Goats

    1. Hi Lola –

      It is ideal to feed 60 days prior to end point show, for best results. If you’re jackpot showing, continue to feed Rite-Factor the entire time.

      Thank you!

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